They had been resting for some time, removed in boxes, scattered on shelves and abandoned in corners. They suspected, not at all flatteringly, that they were going to have a short and long life at the same time. To counteract this premonition, they decided to give themselves over to the game of the powers that be, for which they tried to compromise me… and succeeded.

The nubecarcass sends a silent signal. The medalcircuit perimeters with a circular snap. The quartzletters crawl to the edge. A ballotecla explodes with pure lemon. Materials that are constituted as sound objects that try to remain and cannot. They seek to reconfigure themselves and occupy other bodies. They seduce our ears, telling them little secrets, whispers by way of confessions, useful tricks and daily learnings, which refuse to be diluted in the silent mass of “what was not paid attention to”.

Dismissed after a first attempt, the plastic tele-weed waits menacingly. The gomagafa lashes. The virustarro lurks toxic. The rejillolira brings out its harshest voice.

They hope to be heard by some altavozaxila, to be caressed by dedosgujas, to be tasted by conchaslabios, and to get as far away as possible from bombipapayas.


To rule over faits accomplis. Claiming unrequited power.
I command you, I order you, I put you, I take you away, I have you. I have power.
Take responsibility for your newly acquired rights.
Playing the human blame game.

When: Opening, Thursday December 5 from 19:00 to 21:00. Exhibition: from December 5 to 17 from 17:30 to 20:30. Performative presentation within the meetings with the artists: December 13 from 19:10 to 19:30.

Where: Center of artistic production Bilbaoarte (c/ Urazurrutia, 32 – 48003 – Bilbao).

What: An exhibition device of things, materials and poetics.

Who: A project by Saioa Olmo thanks to a residency grant from the Bilbaoarte Foundation.

Acknowledgements: To the Bilbaoarte team for all the help received in the work process and especially to Jon Bilbao.