SOLASPARKEA is an invitation to hold a conversation with the Park of Doña Casilda in an alternative way to which we normally do. These conversations consist on interactions with several “inhabitants” of the park (trees, ducks, ornaments, surfaces, narratives…) that will go happening along our group walks and actions though the park. To establish these conversations, we take advantage of the performative, sound and graphics tools that will let us explore the park from unusual perspectives, testing us to behave in different ways, and in short, “playing to other games” with the reality that surrounds us and of which we are part of.

For that we propose two different dynamics in two different days: “SOLASPARKEA. Transactions” and “SOLASPARKEA. Transmissions”. In the first one we focus in the exchange as a form of conversation discovering in our visit, stories, gifts, fluids, pheromones… that we can exchange. In the second day, we experiment with the sound space of the park, using elements that will help us to discover sonorities and messages that the “inhabitants” of the park can be emitting and we create our own transmissions.

When: Saturday, 4th and 11th of May 2019, from 18:30 to 20:30.
Where: Doña Casilda Park of Bilbao. Meeting point of the 4th of May: “Fuente de los Ilustres” (between the kiosk, the playground and the bar of the Fine Arts Museum). Meeting point of the 11th of May: “Monument to Casilda Iturrizar” (in front of the pergola).
What: Performative visit in conversation to diverse materialities of Doña Casilda Park.
Who: a project by Raquel Meyers and Saioa Olmo inside the program of Bilbao Art District. Photography: Olga Ruiz. A first prototype of the project was made inside the program “Vis a vis” organized by Colectivo Ant and Amaia Molinet.
Thanks to: Mikel Arce and Oihane Iragüen.