When: Visit & workshop sessions: the 21rst, 29th and 30th of September and the 28th of October. Sound installation: from the 13th to the 20th of October 2017 during the Iturfest Festival. Where: In the Arkeologi Museoa of Bizkaia (in Bilbao, in the passage of entrance of Prim St.). What: A project about the inmaterial legacy of today’s persons to the generations of the future. Who: a projecta by Saioa Olmo inside the Iturfest Festival and in collaboration with the Arkeologi Museoa ofBizkaia. Thanks to the support of the Cultural Department of the Government of the Basque Country. Thanks to: Mikel Arce, Enrike Hurtado, Ricardo Antón and my family. Web: http://susurrandoelfuturo.wordpress.com eta http://souncloud.com/susurrandoelfuturo Have you ever imagined yourself talking to a person in the future? Is there something you would like to transmit her? A message that lasted even when you were not here anymore? Maybe something that you have learnt at somepoint of your life? Perhaps a warning? Just some words for her/him to enjoy? The project “Whispering the future” is constructed in relation to these questions. It is a proposal about the intergenerational relationships between the present and the future, for collectivelly thinking about an intangible legacy that we can leave through whispers from the XXIrst century to the persons that will ocupy our territory in the XXIIIrd century.

+Info: http://susurrandoelfuturo.wordpress.com


“Whispering the future” is an initiative of Saioa Olmo, which is built thanks to the contribution of whispers of people who feel challenged by the proposal. The project is being carried out in different contexts. The first phase of the project was in September and October 2017 within the Iturfest festival of Colectivo Ant, in collaboration with the Archaeological Museum of Bizkaia and with the support of the Department of Culture of the Basque Government. A second phase has been carried out during 2019 within the Labairu Express activity of the Bilbao Bizkaia Design Week, in collaboration with Alberto de la Hoz and photographic registration by Olga Ruiz. During 2020 it is being developed in collaboration with the Museo del Carlismo de Navarra. Thanks to Mikel Arce, Enrike Hurtado, Jon Bilbao, Ainhize Akesolo, Ricardo Antón and my family.