One day he showed up at my house, no name, no features, no history, no clothes, no gender, no experiences. At first he didn’t say much, but then I got a sense of what he had come here to do. At first he seemed to simply enjoy my company (and giving little scares to the couple I live with), playing with my nieces and nephews. Then she told me that she wanted to get to know the NoviaSalcedo Foundation, which she knew was dedicated to helping young people make the transition from school to work. He had also heard that this organization was going through a process of organizational change, motivated by an office relocation that was going to cause a regrouping of the work teams. She showed up at their office and since then she has had a life full of emotions: she has accompanied creation and innovation workshops, gone out with teenagers, performed in performances, participated in talks on gender issues, parachute jumped, visited European cities, practiced bondage, accompanied doctoral thesis readings, lived with students from Hernani schools…

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When: from June 1, 2011 to the present.
Where: Bilbao, Gothenburg, Seville, Madrid, Leioa, Hernani…
What: a friend who accompanies people and organizations that want to get to know him, spend time with him and explore relational situations that he helps to bring about.
Who: a proposal by Saioa Olmo for the Novia Salcedo Foundation that has been enriched with the complicity of different groups and organizations such as ColaBoraBora, Tillt, Zemos98, MAV, Wikitoki, Urbanbat, Amekadi and Artaziak.
Web: facebook Peru NoviaSalcedo.