When: since 2015 onwards.
Where: from Bilbao.
What: Collaborative research on soft-technologies of the social relationships and contemporary art practices.
Who: Saioa Olmo artist and researcher in the UPV-EHU University of the Basque Country, and ColaBoraBora, organization workin in relation to the commons, the free and open culture.
Web: www.tecnologiasblandas.cc

TECNOBLANDAS is a research about knowledge, technics and tools that affect social relations. It is centered on the concept of “soft-technologies” to pay attention on those social dispositives that structure complex systems both on the social macro level as well as on the micro personal level. More invisible machineries than the “hard technologies” that are typically understood as “technologies”, but equally determinant and powerful.

It is a research that pretend exploring, experimenting and empowering ourselves on the use of these soft-technologies, both working from the comtemporary art field as well as from the social sciences.

Here we have some tools that have been developed:

Article in Uztaro #100 magazine: “ARTISTIC DISPOSITIVES. Social machines, soft technologies and contemporary art-practices”.


Presentation about “Art-practices and soft technologies” in the University of the Basque Country inside de program for creating “A Ontology on Soft Tecnologies”.

Summer course “#tecno_blandas: dispositives of social organization, behaviour and communication” .


Ausart Magazine #4.2 dedicated to: “Art Practices, soft technologies and social machineries”.