When: from 2013 onwards
Where: from Bilbao.
What: Collaborative research on group dynamics.
Who: Eider Ayerdi, Txelu Balboa (ColaBoraBora), M’angel Manovell (Dinamik Ideas), Saioa Olmo (Ideatomics) and Marta Villota.
Web: sobrelorelacional.wordpress.com

LoRelacional group is formed by five persons that monthly meet to develop an informal research on relational group processes. It started in 2013, inside of a wider frame, #Meetcommons explorative meetings about collaborative work and open culture. During 2015 and 2016 LoRelacional has been a resident project in Wikitoki.

The members of LoRelacional come from several fields of knowledge and different professional backgrounds: Eider Ayerdi is architect, Txelu Balboa (ColaBoraBora) is developer of group dynamics, M’Angel Manovell (dinamik ideas) is artisan-creative consultant, Saioa Olmo artist and Marta Villota landscape architect.