When: March, 2007 and May, 2006

Where: Bilbao and Andoain

Project: Stickers with questions referred to paradoxes on to the gender.

Equipo: A project by Pripublikarrak.

Different stickers were distributed in the streets and to stick them in public spaces with questions that were arise from our own worries and for giving responses to different paradoxes that were made on gender questions. In the first part there were made stickers that were taking questions we proposed with Pripublikarrak blog address (at present www.pripublikarrak.net/blog). for encouraging the answers in the blog.

Later on, in relation to “Me, Now” exhibition, in Bastero Space in Andoain, stickers were given away to be written by visitors at the place. Some of these questions: “Why “operación bikini”?”, “Why did they call me bear, when I went to the swimming pool without my legs waxed?”, “Why do have girls of the Athletic no salary whereas his homologous boys receive millions?”, “Why does housekeeping relapse principally on women?”, “Why is the beetle a girl’s car?”, Why are women breasts hidden and not men’s?”…

¿Por qué...?