Experimental process in which to explore how we are emotionally affected in our personal interactions and the specific performative capacity of the group when it comes to influencing the moods of the members of the group itself and of the people with whom it interacts.

The collective EPLC (Espacio para los cuerpos) carries out a laboratory throughout 2013 in Muelle3 in which each member of the group contributes an “ingredient” in a work session format, on their interests around the performative, the dance and the body Subsequently, Vicente Arlandis is invited as a “kneader” or catalyst of these interests to accompany the group in a period of 15 days of residence at the Foundry to make visible and share part of this process.

During this time it was decided to work more specifically on one of these “ingredients”, specifically on “encouraging, encouraging, affecting us”. Taking into account the context of the Foundry itself, it is proposed that the residents of the building use the façade of the block to send messages of encouragement towards the citizens of Bilbao. For this, a banner workshop is organized with them to invent slogans, play plastically with them and finally place them on the façade. Likewise, a scenic device is prepared in which the members of the action go together through different stages without it being predetermined exactly where they are going. A flow in which how the future of the group is decanted is not entirely evident.

tu mensaje

When: residence from September 16 to 29, 2013. Presentation September 28 and 29.
Where: The Aretoa Foundry – Bilbao.
What: Laboratory, workshop and performance around spirit and forces and functioning as a group.
Who: An EPLC process + Vicente Arlandis. (Olatz de Andrés, Ixiar García, Saioa Olmo, Nuria Pérez, Naiara Santacoloma and Maider Urrutia) with the support of Muelle 3 and La Fundición.
Web: http://muelle3.wordpress.com/2013/10/11/tu-mensaje-de-animo-aqui