When: 29th to 30th of May of 2009
Where: In Mataleñas park (Santander)
What: Workshop for provide communicative tools to groups from Social Action.
Who: Juan Pastor of Barrabés, Ricardo Antón of Amasté and Saioa Olmo of Ideatomics.

This workshop was aimed at workers and voluntaries of NGODs and collectives working with social issues. The goal was using creative strategies for communication which they could put into practice in their own organizations.

We were based on premises like (Do it yourself), DIT (Do it together) and DIS (Do it simple), and showed references of communicative actions, either about social area or about other areas but that were able to be used in relation to their fields of action.

Finally, in a more practical way, we did several activities to experiment with different formats. For example, we created stickers to display the interests of each group, invented street actions, created collages to illustrate ideas and planned videos for internet by making storyboards.

The workshop was very satisfying thanks to enthusiasm and motivation of the participants.

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