When:  31rst of March 2017, 8:00 PM.
Where: Wikitoki.
Presentation party of the RUT video.
Who: LoRelacional (Eider Ayerdi, Txelu Balboa, M’Angel Manovell, Saioa Olmo and Marta Villota). With the collaboration of Laura Fernández and the support of Wikitoki and the Art and Technology Department of the Univesty of the Basque Country.
Web: sobrelorelacional.wordpress.com

During the 2016, the reseach group LoRelacional have done a new experimental process about the group behaviour, this time taking as starting point the observation of deers behaviour during the rut. We got close to this experience handling binoculars and sound recorder, being subjects and objects of our own observation, playing with what we catched there in the space of the laboratory with performative and audiovisual tolos, and as result of all that we have made the BERREA video.