When: from the 12th to the 14th of November of 2009
Where: On the premises and cultural centre of San Jorge Square (Cáceres)
What: Laboratory about creative identity. Devising of souvenirs and experiences of the real and desired city of Cáceres.
Who: Laboratory devised and developed by Saioa Olmo for the Gabinete de Inicitiva Jóven inside the “Creative cities in Imagination Society” conference in Cáceres.
Web: souvenirporvenir.wordpress.com

The “RECUERDEÑOS Y EXPEREÑAS” laboratory about “Cáceres, Creative Identity” happened inside the “Creative cities in Imagination Society”. This was aimed at students or professionals of art, design, advertising or marketing, and in general at people interested on these areas.

The goal of the laboratory was developing elements to identity of Cáceres to turn them into different kind of souvenirs, and into iconic-experiences to emphasize some features of contemporary culture of Cáceres.

To that end we designed some dynamics that helped us to approach the theme from several views: we introduced ourselves by means of metaphors about Cáceres, we reflected our aims when we worked about the identity of the city, and we pointed out elements that had already been profusely used and others that could mean new opportunities.

As result of the workshop, four lines of works were suggested. With “Zarrios y zaragallas” we investigated about the potential of local vocabulary as identifying feature and playful element. With “En Cáceres como en casa” and “Colgad@s por Cáceres” we tried to create private scenarios on public space and from that extracting and inventing new objects and interactions in the streets. The line of work “Cáceres cuenta” proposed a complete line of communicative elements by putting on value the legends of the city, told by the inhabitants themselves.

At the end of the process we made an exhibition and presentation of results on some premises of the Old Quarter of the town to share those ideas with the rest of the people who had came to the conference and with the public in general.


Recuerdeños y Expereñas