When: 17th of June 2009
Where: Hotel Domine Bilbao
What: elements to facilitate the informal communication in the results presentation of Disonancia 08-09 Euskadi Contest.
Who: proposal by Saioa Olmo for Disonancias project in collaboration with La Tienda de las ideas.

For the presentation of results of the Disonancias 08-09 Contest, an element that would facilitate the interaction in between the public and the participants in the program was created. The aim of this project was breaking the ice and facilitate that people would talk the collaborations that had taken place.

With that purpose, buttons with the same graphic code and different sizes were made. The big ones were to represent oneself and the small ones to show the relationships that you had held or wanted to have with others. The colours identified each category: companies with yellow, artists with pink, organizers and collaborators with blue and public with silver. The icons worked as connectors.

These buttons could be drawed and were useful to join some agents with others (companies with artists, artists with the public, the public with the organizers…) this way each person put on her/his lapel those buttons s/he identified with.




Graphic, Relational