Devices for presentations

When: 17th, 18th and 19th of June 2008.
Where: Tabakalera of San Sebastián, Artium of Vitoria and the EITB headquarters of Bilbao.
What: several elements to show in a creative way the results of the Disonancias 07-08 Contest.
Who: a proposal by Saioa Olmo for the Disonancias Program.

DISONANCIAS is a platform aimed at companies, research centres or public entities interested in collaborating with artists in order to promote their innovation. For the presentation of each contest they look for creative ways to show these results. A different action was arranged for each of these events in the 2007-2009 program:

Tabakalera (San Sebastián):
For this location, a special marking was designed for people to easily access to the place. Adhesive tapes of different colours stuck to the floor, were used to join the main entrance with the lateral entrance that gave access to the event. Each of the lines could be referred to possible ways in which the collaborations in between artists and organizations had been developed: some of them were direct lines, others were intermittent, others began as a muddle that was unrolled afterwards…

Dispositivos de presentación

Artium (Vitoria):
It was proposed that the artist Pernan Goñi would draw sketches of the ideas commented by the parcipants to this program as a way to contribute to visualize the concepts of some parts of the explanations that could be quiet abstract.

EITB (Bilbao):
The space was designed in an informal way by using stands in different heights. Some cushions were used with sticky letters on them matching with one of the projects generated inside Disonancias. Moreover, during the presentations, the assistants were able to send sms to the main screen in real time thanks to a system organized for the occasion.

Dispositivos de presentación

Dispositivos de presentación