When: from February, 2003 until June, 2005. Where: Bilbao. Project: Group of post-music. Working party: Leticia Orúe and Saioa Olmo. No words to describe. Gora Foyu! ...


What is Zumaia for you?

“Zer da Zumaia zuretzat?” proiektua Artes Divergentes egitasmoaren barruan garatu zen. Egitasmo honetan, 10 artista beste 10 enpresekin harremanetan jarri zituzten eta elkarlanaren emaitza, Zumaiako herrian erakutsi zuten....



Optikak are 35 points of view, the reflections of 35 women who have been born or have lived in Bilbao. Optikak was a project in which diverse women were invited to answering through photography and/or comments to 18 questions related to the context in which they live. Some of them were women who appear in the mass...



The language organizes our way of thinking and most of the time we are not conscious about it. It affects on the way we think over ourselves and also in relation to the others....

Andoain 20140

Andoain 20140

"Andoain 20140" was a project about Andoain and its representation forms. It was about what elements do allow us to refer to Andoain (its shield for instance, its ZIP code, its iconic architecture...

¿Por qué...?


Different stickers were distributed in the streets and to stick them in public spaces with questions that were arise from our own worries and for giving responses to different paradoxes that were made on gender questions. In the first part there were made stickers that were taking questions we proposed with Pripublikarrak blog address (at present


Cookie makers. Active memory

The Urbanism Area of the City Council of Bilbao contacted the group Pripublikarrak to realize a tribute to the women who were employed as cookie-makers at the Artiach Cookie Factory. "Cookie makers. Active Memory", is a cultural project that recovers the historical memory of the women’s union which symbolize the feminine work, the emancipation and the fight,...

Vuelven las Atracciones

The rides are back

“The rides are back” is a project that uses a contemporary ruin, Artxanda Amusement Park, and the guided-visit format, to talk about the show and consumer society. The project claims the contemporary ruin as a resource that allows us to reflect on the past and the present of our social context. Also on the models of future...


Wiki-histories is a project that analyse from a genre point of view how Art History is built, suggesting a new way of historical creation. The aim is to generate a shared History or histories of the art in the Basque context, told by the women artists and mediators that are part of it themselves....

Deseos Ocultos

Hidden desires

The Unidee 2009 artists in residence, decided to choose a space inside Cittadellarte for making spontaneous experiments to share with the rest of artists and with the people working in the Foundation. This way the processes in which each of us was working on would also be more visible....