Arteleku is a center of contemporary art and culture and it is defined as a meeting point which puts together different artistic and cultural initiatives. That is why it was decided to develop a corporate image under the idea of "node", as connector of different realities, groups, institutions, affiliations, individuals or companies that work on the sector...

Banco de ideas

Ideas bank

Frisbee sonoro 20-11-2009 Haz que el mundo sea más rítmico con estos frisbees musicales. Si pruebas a lanzarlos a diferentes distancias y velocidades, puedes experimentar con las distintas melodías que emiten. Granada de mano para w.c. 19-11-2009 Tira de esta granada y di adiós a los marrones. El tirador de esta cadena de wc tiene forma de granada, que podría ser...



EVANESCENT is a project that tries to create sensation of wideness in small spaces, through optical effects of light, color and perspective. Its aim is providing a sensation of spaciousness thanks to wallpapers of gradient colors, which can easily be placed on the walls of a house....



For the presentation of results of the Disonancias 08-09 Contest, an element that would facilitate the interaction in between the public and the participants in the program was created. The aim of this project was breaking the ice and facilitate that people would talk the collaborations that had taken place....