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Hamaika urte dantzan

When: Presentation: Saturday, 2nd of March 2013, from 20:00 to 22:00.
in the skating rink of Deusto, under the Euskalduna bridge of Bilbao.
What: Video “Hamaika Urte Dantzan”.
Who: This video has been made by Saioa Olmo and Iker Ugalde with the documentation material of several collaborative and individual projects. Live audio-visual remix by Unai Requejo vdj and graphic documentation by Dani Blanco. With the collaboration of Zona Verde Irristaketa and the UPV. Supported by the Cultural Department of the Government of the Basque Country.

“Hamaika Urte Dantzan” (“Dancing 11 years away”) is a video creation of simultaneous deconstruction and construction: deconstruction of the lived experiences for reconstruction them in the present. It is the action of constructing the house in a side meanwhile it is simultaneously dismantled in another.

“Hamaika Urte Dantzan” collects fragments of some of the most significant projects that I have been carrying out during the last years and of others that may have past more unnoticed but that provide key points for approaching to a general view oth these years of art practice. The intention with this video is to give a feeling more than giving a precise description of each of the projects separately. It is a kind of collage -narrative in which the free association of ideas, movements and objects introduces new connections between the material recorded for the occasion and the archive material of previous projects. A non pre-existing memory, that as all memories, it is built, invoked, and shaped from the present.

The video is organized by several scenes of roller-skating (sliding from one place to another, from project to project in a same field) and that are used as guiding thread that introduces and joins fragments of the documental archive material of projects made along the past 12 years.

Hamaika urte dantzan

Hamaika urte dantzan

Hamaika urte dantzan

Hamaika urte dantzan

For the presentation in the skating-rink of Deusto, Unai Requejo made an artistic collaboration remixing parts of the recorded material used in the editing of “Hamaika Urte Dantzan”, creating a new and personal reading of it.


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